8 May 2014

dyed, blended and rolled. Rolags I sold at a few shows last year

I had a great time selling last year at a few fibre festivals, wolfe island and woodstock.  This year i'm too busy with the Master spinner's program moving to august and then being unsure about how life is going to be with a small newborn around festival time.  I decided to put off selling this year, and return next season.  It's just so much work to prepare enough stock for a show with the homework i'll be having and baby things.

A few samples of rolags that people bought last year...  I love spinning rolags, and i LOVE making them even more, haha!

Still have to make six more matching ones. #rolags

#rolags #handdyed

#rolags feeling yellowy

#rolags #handdyed

#rolags bamboo nylon tencel neps Sari waste

#rolags #handdyed

#rolags nylon bamboo sari waste

here's some handspun i did with one of my sets that turned into a fun baby sweater:

Dyed blended rolled spun #rolags

Rolling and spinning.  #rolags


I've also been experimenting with similar colourways, but in two 2oz batts.  So essentially, it's the same amount of fibre, but the colourway would be spun only once on each bobbin, so you'd get one big self striping effect instead of variegated multiples.  I like the random look of the colourway repeating a bunch of times coming into and out of sync in my own knitting, but i do also love the look of a more structured striping gradation.


  1. If the Master's spinning program will be at HSFA, we bought a tiny cabin on Lake Kash (about a 5 minute drive into Haliburton Village). If you are interested, let me know!

    What a lucky little babe to be to have hand spun hand knits!! It's two layers of love.

    1. Oh jana, I saw your post about buying the chateau woodlands cabin!! Congrats! You know what's funny, is my friend and I usually rent a chateau cabin anyway, we love it there. This year however, we had to bail on the small one room cabin, because i'll be bringing my mom and a baby as well. None of the bigger chateau cabins with 2 bedrooms wanted to rent to us over the proper amount of days we needed, so we're staying at my cottage about 45 min away.

      You should however, get your name on the list for the short term renters for the summer students through Haliburton School of the Art's lodging. You can contact the school and get yourself added. It seems like you can rent when you want and block off the weeks that you'll want to be there too. :) Our dates are 16-23 of august, if you're going to be there, let me know and we can get together for a beer and some dinner! :):) I just LOVE haliburton!!!!

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