8 January 2014

june baby!!

A new baby will be joining us in June, and since Paul and I are total nerds, he being an actual smart nerd as he programs for a living, I had him write a super cute announcement like a little snippet of code.  I think it turned our really cute!

We are finding out gender this month, so I'll have a better idea of what to knit and sew!!!!  

In the past 8 months I've had a vendor booth at two fibre shows and actually done really well at both.  I was selling handdyed and hand blended prepared fibre in the form of rolags and batts.  I was surprised at how well I did at the shows actually, not really expecting much.  I'm way to self critical and shy, and don't really understand why people would buy stuff that I make, knowing they can do it themselves too. I'm not sure if I'm going to do any more shows, since having an actual job really makes it hard to prepare enough stock to bring.  I only have a few hours every night to really do anything, just enough time to make one or two sets.  And then, if I do commit to a show, it takes about 2 months to prepare enough stock.  And now, I'm just overwhelmed with baby preparing.  I also am still taking the OHS master spinners' course, which year 4 will fall in august.  For this, I have a HUGE project to complete and bring.  Knowing I won't spin or do anything at all after june, I have to use my time wisely for this.  Let's just call this year a write off for building a business that I know can succeed.  There are so many people dyeing and carding fibre, that I really don't think it's all that special anymore anyway. 

Below are some samples of the sets of rolags I've been working on.  Depending on how they are spun, the create a lovely undulating yarn of, in my opinion, lovely colour changes.   I dyed all the fibre, precarded blends and then blended them into rolags.

I made about 100 of these sets in total and each one is about 5oz, which is alot of fibre.  At the end of two shows i'm left with 5 sets, and I think I'm just gonna spin them all myself.  They're a fun way to spin, kind of planned in terms of colour, but the yarn feels spontaneous, and comes out with blurred self stripes.  

I'm still working on my lampwork studio.  We just have to get a gas guy in to fix one small thing with one of the gas connections, and I'm good to go.  I've been waiting forever for the studio to be ready, so a few more months is not a huge deal.  It'll be exciting when it's done though. 


  1. Congrats!!!

    As one knitter and spinning mama to another, it is totally possible. I knit over my son while he napped after breastfeeding. I've seen other mamas spin while holding their babes in carriers/slings (the motion can help some sleep). And now that at 15 months we have a more regular bedtime I can get an hour or two in at night - it's definitely helped me feel more like myself.

    Also, your sets of rolags are beautiful. I would have bought all of your stock if I'd had a chance!!

  2. Oh for sure personal stuff I'll keep doing, just all the prep for doing shows I think I'll leave aside for a while. It just takes too much time. I'm sure I'll be spinning and knitting a storm up while baby sleeps... hopefully. ;)

    I just read you bought a cabin at chateau woodland! My friend alisa and I stay there every year because the OHS master spinner's course is done at the art school in town. Which by the way is amazing, and you should totally look into some fun random courses there. I'm so jealous! You're gonna have such a good time up there!