27 February 2013

Carding some rolly batts.

Carded batts half each

I've been testing out making some 1/2 oz rolled batts with repeatable colour striping.  I finally got the technique down to make them the same weight with the same amount of each colour.  The rolling was tricky since batts have a tendency to poof up and grow significantly as soon as you take them off of the carder, but I figured out how to roll them up nice and tight keeping them fairly small.  The two pictured above were the last two I did one still being a bit larger because I'd rolled it a bit differently.  Now I can focus more on the colour progression being blended.  For testing purposes, I just decided to do a rainbow-ish kinda thing.  I also want to include more fun nepps and extras. I've been dyeing alot of tencel nepps and bamboo the last few days!

1 February 2013

a little weaving, a little spinning

Now that christmas has passed, I have taken january pretty easy in that I've just been doing crafty experiments and tests.  I'm getting my little glass studio ready step by step, it's taking a while as I keep having to have professions come in.  I still need an electrician to wire a dedicated breaker for my kiln, and an hvac guy to install the in-line exhaust fan i bought.  Gas is all installed though.  ya!

So before christmas, i finished the woven scarf/shawl i was working on with the crazy art yarn add ins. I love how it turned out and plan to do more work like this.

Woven scarf

Woven scarf

The pink yarn above I spun from some wool from a rescue.  It was a n-plied corespun that i cut into sections and needle felted the ends to prevent unraveling.  I gifted it to my very good friend Alisa!

Since then I've been spinning alot of test skeins to figure out some new techniques I have been long wanting to try out.  Boucle is what i've mainly been focusing on.  Below are some test skeins.  I would still like it if the circles were bigger, and maybe i'd like a bit more twist in the yarn as a whole, so that's what i'll work on tonight!  But that said, i'm very happy with how they've turned out so far.  I used the traditional z-s-z recipe which makes alot more sense when you actually work through it.

handspun boucle test

handspun boucle test

Other than that, I've cut up and prepared a bunch of blocks for a baby quilt which I plan to get started on this weekend!