2 January 2013

Quilt released out into it's natural habitat

This quilt has been posted about quite a few times, but this is the last as it's finally in it's intended home, on my parents' bed.  FINALLY!  I'm so glad it's done and gone.  I'm happy with everything and how it turned out, especially with mitering the backing into binding.  The only thing I was upset about was that the long arm quilter I used seem to have some thread tension issues.  When I asked the lady, she said it was fine, but she didn't really look, and I didn't press the issue.  However, on the programmed quilt lines, the bobbin thread was clearly set too tightly and is running along the bottom of the quilt.  Curiously, the areas where I was using the free motion setting and guiding the machine myself were fine in their thread tension...  so who knows.  In any case, it's done, and I learned alot.  I'm going to make a few baby quilts now before I dive back into a king/queen sized quilt.

Here's a picture of it that my mom sent. It's on a queen sized bed, but is king sized in it's dimensions.