22 June 2013

rainbow daybreak shawl

Rainbow Spun DaybreakShawl

A few posts back I showed some striping textured rolag/batts that I was testing.  I spun up about 1.5 oz of rainbow striped rolag/batts and knit a cool shawl by a neat designer.  The pattern is called daybreak, it's a stephen west pattern.  It's been made so many times and can look so different depending on the colour progressions and pairings.

Rainbow Spun DaybreakShawl

Here are the rolags I spun the yarn from.  I dyed it all, even the bamboo and the nepps.

Carded batts half each

Below are some more sets I've put together:

Textured Rolled Batts 2oz

Textured Rolled Batts

Textured Rolled Batts

2 4oz matching striped batts

This is a skein I spun from one of my sets:
Self striping skein

I've also been doing lots of textured mixed batts. I love adding flax, linen, sari waste, nylon and tencel... it makes such a neat blend for doing fun art yarns.  Below are some batts and a cool bubble ply skein that I did.

Bubble Ply

Textured Batts

Textured Batts

Aside from dyeing solids to blend with, I've been doing alot of low water immersion dyeing as well.  I love the look of handpainted rovings, but hate the waste of using saran wrap for steaming.  So instead, I only put about 1.5 inches of water in the pot, and organize the yarn into sections with certain areas hanging in the pot so I can still apply colour in sections or areas intentionally.  The result is really neat because they end up being more painterly.  Looser, but still controlled.

hand dyed mixed bfl

Hand dyed mixed bfl

LavenderDesert 50/30/20 Wool Silk Seacell

ForestMoss 50/30/20 Wool Silk Seacell

Seafaring 50/30/20 Wool Silk Seacell


  1. I love you rainbow daybreak and the carding/dying you've been doing!!

  2. oh thanks :) So nice of you to comment! What I put up is such a small snippet of all the dying, carding and spinning. I'm trying to build up a backstock so I can stock some spinning shops, but of course, now that I'm back from year 3 of the OHS master spinner's course, I have so much homework it's kind of on hold. There's the handspinner's seminar coming up in burlington...