28 May 2013

Baby Quilt for Paul's cousin

baby quilt squares

So since my last quilting venture was an enormous king size, I've decided to do mostly smaller quilts from now on.  That one was just too large to manipulate on my machine and ironing board!   I have a few quilting mags, and I'd found a cute little baby quilt pattern in one!  I'm excited because not only is the pattern fairly simple (rotary cut and piecing), but I also get to justify buying the magazine in the first place! ha!

Right now I don't have any solids in my stash so I'm just using a bunch of sweet prints I have been collecting for a while.  Most notably, I'm breaking into my stash of 'forest pals', which is my absolute most favourite print!  SO CUTE!  Since I'm lacking some solids, the quilt is a tad bit busy, but I feel like the turquoise strawberry print gives the eye a little bit of focus.  I'm planning on putting on a white or cream coloured border, and then a green print binding.  I'm also planning to just use a nice flannel on the backing and skip the  batting.  Still loving my husqvarna emerald!

some long pieces cut:
baby quilt pieces

pieced top, still needs a border and binding:
Baby quilt in progress

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