22 March 2013

belated 6 months!

We just passed our 6 month anniversary!  I've never been so happy and everyday I am more in love than before.  I feel so lucky to have found someone who makes life so full.  We have such a fun time together doing the most mundane things, and I can't imagine a moment without him in it.  Happy anniversary Noodle.  <3 p="">
Paul and Andie

16 March 2013

RIP Shannon Larrett

Although I did not know him personally, it is because of his presence that I met so many people.  Not many people can have such a positive effect on so many others.  I'm so sorry for his family and close friends for the great loss.  Caitlin, you have my dearest sympathies.  I've only chatted with you online, but you can always email or message me if you need to talk to someone.

13 March 2013


#embroidery onesie all finished up

Well a few people I know are expecting babies, and I had a 3pack of onesie blanks I bought for embroidery projects, so I decided to finally attack them with some thread and needle.  I've only done 2 out of the 3 so far, and they are on the girl side of the spectrum, so the next one is going to be just a little tie and pocket protector design for Noodle's cousin who's having a boy.  It'll be cute.

Little embroidery project I just finished on a onesie #needlecraft

12 March 2013

Long Draw Rainbows

Handspun long draw.

Since I had the two test rolagy batts sitting around, I decided to do a test spin.  I usually strip off small pieces lengthwise and spin a worsted style from batts like these, however, this time I decided to try something a bit different.  I did SO much worsted style spinning for year two of the OHS program that I was missing spinning in the long draw method.  I find the rhythm of it so nice.  And i love the way the fibre stretches like gum.  Anyway, I wasn't expecting much of a different end product aside from the differences in feel long draw gives, but the colourway just transformed and blossomed with long draw. The gradations were stretched and drawn out so nicely.  Much nicer than how i usually spin these.