7 December 2012

lampworking, simply amazing!

I took a lampworking class with Amy Waldman-Smith a few weekends ago that was absolutely amazing.  I knew I'd love it, and am now in the process of buying everything I need to make myself a small studio.  I LOVE the incorporation of lampworking into rings, necklaces and other jewellery, so I'd like to get into making metal clay or silversmithing pieces myself.  First I have to focus on setting up an area that can be properly ventilated, and also properly heated at the same time, which'll be tough as I want to use the garage as a studio.  In any case, my first beads are lopsided, and I wasn't really paying much attention to colour choice at this point, but I still think they're cool!

My first ever lampwork beads at my workshop with the super amazing Amy Waldman-Smith.  Lamp working is the best thing ever!

1 December 2012

Some weaving

I've been biding time until I can set up a lampwork studio in my home to do lampwork and metal clay projects.  Lampwork is AMAZINGLY fun and challenging.  I absolutely love it, but it requires a bit of a setup in keeping the studio safe and warm as it'll be in the garage.

Anyway, i've been doing alot of fun spinning since the OHS course is done until may again.  I am doing a fairly simple chevron twill with yellow weft, but i'm sticking in some corespun and chain plied bulky yarn I made a while back.  Corespun yarn bubbles up nicely when chain plied, so it's got a fun texture.  The one downside of taking pictures of weaving while on the loom is that until the piece is taken off the loom and gently 'finished' in hot water, it doesn't come across as a unified piece of fabric.  You tend to really see the warp and weft as they still slip around and move independantly of eachother. After finishing (I usually agitate it a bit in hot water, then i block and dry and press), it is a cohesive piece of textile.

All dressed and ready to weave!

A four shaft twill with bamboo yarn.  This will be soft!  #weaving

Added some pink corespun n- plied nylon fibre #weaving

and here's meh meh!
Meh meh! #tortie #tortitude