12 March 2012

Princess Lasertron inspired bouquet. (synthetic felt)

experiments for felt flower bouquet

I love princess lasertron's felt flower bouquets.  SO MUCH.  I love her stitching and her colour palette.  Her bouquets look to put together and eclectic.  Some are classy and some are funky.  I'm going to experiment with some colour combinations and stitches that I like to get a palette done in the next little bit.  I can't decide if I want something more simple, with mostly whites and  a few accent colours, or something more varied with lots of colour and stitching.  I'm leaning toward the latter I think.  The last few nights I've cut out and stitched a few test flowers out of some synthetic craft felt.  I'm mostly playing with the shapes and the stitching right now.  The colours I'll work out later.  But they're turning out quite nice so far.  :)

experiments for felt flower bouquet

experiments for felt flower bouquet

5 March 2012

mmm vegan sushi.

tempura vegan sushis!

Paul makes awesome vegan sushis.  This time he also made half rolls and made them tempura! SO SO GOOD!

vegan sushis

I got paul a cool knife for christmas which works great for cutting the sushi rolls.