27 February 2012


Last night's dinner...  

Ginger Soy broth with Dumplings

Broth from the Vegan YumYum cookbook.  Dumpling recipe was just something paul made up.  yum!

25 February 2012

A very very very nice engagement ring...

ringy :)

I love it.

I'm excited too because Paul found us a cool workshop in toronto where you make your own wedding bands.  It sounds like they would be terrible, but from looking at the gallery and reading what you actually do, you end up with some really really nice looking rings.  I think it'll be a super fun thing to do!

22 February 2012


Valentine's day topper....  engagement! :)  Then the downing an entire bottle of champagne between the two of us.   I'm very very happy.  <3


14 February 2012

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!

georgian bay fun.

Best valentines day present ever... a Sea Shepherd hoodie!!!