14 January 2011

Majacraft Aura


This is my new amazing wheel.  It's a dream to spin on, like driving a luxury car.  It's got a modified double drive system which is new to me, but is amazing me with it's versitility and stability.  I was scared to get something without the usual and easy to comprehend scotch tension, but after using this wheel, i'm a double drive convert.  Once you get the settings you like all sorted out for that particular spin, you never have to adjust, unlike scotch tension which involves lots of adjusting as the bobbin fills up.  I love the orifice hook and hoop.  I like the sliding e-hooks, and best of all, i LOVE the treadling.  You can get the wheel going with just a flick of your feet, and you can treadle much slower but still keep momentum up.   I plan to use my ashford for plying still, and probably some other things too as it remains a great wheel.

thick lofty singles

I could never spin bulky singles before the aura.  I tried a skein, and was amazed at how balanced it was coming off the wheel.  The skein hung straight!, I hardly needed to soak it at all, but did a hot/cool dunking to lock the fibres up anyway.  With the same fibre, I spun some laceweight.  I also spun up some quick corespun from the batts i've been making on my drum carder.   Right now I"m spinning a high twist single to navajo ply afterward.  I'm really enjoying the wheel, and highly recommend it to anyone intersted!

laceweight single