30 November 2010

Spinning, Weaving... busy.


I usually enjoy spinning nice even laceweight singles for 2 plying or navajo 3 plying afterward to make a nice balanced knittable skein of yarn. I love knitting with my handspun, it's nice to put it to use. I just plied up this fingering weight, almost sock weight 2 ply handspun that's been sitting as singles on bobbins forever!

Berry Handspun and hand dyed

It spun up to about 200 yards, so enough to make something cool. I'm going to weave a scarf I think, on my little ashford rigid heddle loom. So perfect for knitting scarves! I warped the loom tonight with laceweight bamboo in white. Hopefully it'll look cool when it's done.

Berry Handspun finally plied!

With that all said, I do really enjoy spinning weirdo art yarns. I love spinning puffs and nubs, but for fun I spun up a bunch of thick n' thin singles the other day with which I plied into coils. Coils are ridiculously fibre heavy users. So much fibre went into these, what normally would yield probably around 45-50 yards made like 8. Really cool though. Neat for weaving with for sure. I underspun the single a bit, since I'm used to spinning balanced, and as a result, the coils could be a little tighter, but they're so cute, so I love them anyway. :)

I want a second wheel, and I want it to definitely be a majacraft. I just have to decide between the suzie, rose and aura. I'm SUUPER interested in the Aura's new modified double drive. Either way, I'll get all the fun flyer extras, laceweight, wild flyer, etc. My ashford is still rockin' it, and i'll never stop using it, but the treadling and smoothness of the majacraft wheels is just amazing! so much to decide....

learning Coils

7 November 2010

Rigid Heddle Spa Wash Clothes

rigid heddle looped wash cloth

I've wanted to make these wash clothes forever, but just didn't have the time. I read about the technique on weavezine, in which after you throw the shuttle, you leave more slack than you normally would, and then 'lift' the thread up every other warp thread, and place over a knitting needle, accross the whole row. In this way you get even loops. The warp will make 4 wash clothes, and I'll do each with a different colour weft. So far, the loops are very time consuming, but I like the outcome! The rigid heddle is perfect for this project. I really love the loom, it's so useful and fun!

Rigid Heddle Reed and warp:
rigid heddle loom

Pawl came home from being away on business for a week, and tonight we made some vegan gnocchi from my new cookbook 'Vegan YumYum' from the namesake website. It's a great book, and I've made a bunch of stuff so far. The only complaint I have is that she uses no tempeh anywhere in the book. Next up are the lemon blueberry scones with a clotted "cream". :)

vegan gnocchi