30 September 2010

Kitty Love!

My kitties are the best cats in the whole world.  I love each one of them more than anything ever.  They all have such amazing little personalities and they each have their favourite time of day they like to come hang.  I'm so happy to provide love and a home for each one.  I want a billion more.  I'd rather spend money on giving some souls like my kittens a home than getting cable, or some other stupid convenience.  I just want to take care of cats that deserve love and respect.  No cat or any other creature deserves to suffer and I'm so grateful for the chance to show my kittens that they are wonderful souls who do nothing but bring me joy. :) <3<3

Captain loves cameras-fd0000
You are my captain.  You are awesome and wake me up with eye kisses in the morning, and you tuck me in at night and sleep beside me.  You rub your face on dirty laundry, and climb me like a tower.  You do tricks for pets.  To think someone thought they could take you from me after they so graciously stole thousands of dollars from me.  To think I considered it.  I couldn't imagine my life without you CrappyPants and no one can take better care of you than I do.

Commander loves food-fd0000
Fatty boom booms.  Mandy pants.  Fatricia.  You are my big bellied softy.  You love your belly rubbed and you love food just as much.  I love you commanderpants!  Somehow despite your size you are a ninja.  All of the sudden I'll look down and realize you're on my lap!  How you got there i have no idea. How can 15 pounds of cat just appear on me?...

Little chi chi boo.  Cheechers.  My little one.  Why do you pull the vents up.  Why are you scared of everyone but Pawlie and i?  You like to climb the fridge.  I wake up to you everymorning lying on my back like a little backpack purring at top speed!  You do weird things like dig at the floor, or at the wall, but your face is the cutest with your eyeliner around one eye only.. so cute!

My little meh-meh.  Mummers.  Mummlesten-Jones.  Sir Mummles Esq.  Mummles Mcgee.  You are on my lap every night purring and forcing pets.  You love so much to be paid attention to and you are the first to greet every guest.  My little ambassador.  You are very intense and often we are injured by your intense love of pets. You like to chase your tail, but you never catch it.  Every night you bring your toys upstairs for us in bed... and then everymorning you bring them downstairs.  I think you might have kitty ocd because you clean the litter after other cats use it, and you clean up around the food bowls too.

Sophie Doodles, sophacles, sophie doody doodlie doo, Sophleton Jones, Soph-maloaf. Tiny paws Jones.   You make angry noises with your face when I stop petting you.  You are queen of the loom.  You used to pee all over the place, but now you don't.  You love pets just as much as MehMeh, right on the tip of your face and you love brushes.  You are my little ball of angry who is really just a softie inside.  Poor little girl, sometimes you get ganged up on, and picked on, but i love you so much!

Little crazy faced Pengers.  My little pengi poo.  Pengers pengleston Jones.  Pengerston.  Pengles.  You are such a little fluffy nut.  Your silly floofy tail sticks straight up.  Your little meow is a high pitched little whine.  You always have these wide crazy eyes.  You lie on your belly with your feet out behind you, crossed no less.  It's so adorable they way your fur poofs out.  You are such a little kitten.  When I pick you up, you sorta freeze up.. it's adorable and I love you!

27 September 2010

DONE DONE DONE! Done Weaving, Done Canning.

Shawl ends

I finally finished the shawl I started a while back on my giant huge 45" floor loom.  It ended up being over 6ft long at least.  I wove a twill variant pattern I found in my fibre focus magazine and used Bamboo yarn.  It turned out fairly awesome for my first go.  No disasters really, no tangled warp, no broken warp ends, etc.  I'm proud especially of not tangling the confusing warp of many hundreds of ends and 3 different chains.   The *ONLY* thing that went wrong-ish was when I washed/dried the piece to full it.   The fringes got so so tangled.  I spent about 2 hrs detangling by hand and then snipped off about an inch afterwards so it ended up ok.  I don't have a fringe twister yet and didn't want to spend days doing it by hand, so instead I just hemstitched the ends on the loom and knotted each fringe bunch after i took it off.  Next up is a rag rug!

here's the shawl after fulling it in the wash:

Shawl Ends


A while ago I made my 4th and final batch of jam for the season.  I decided on apple pear and it turned out great despite a few substitutions I had to make.  I ran out of sugar half way through making the recipe and put in about a cup and a half of agave syrup.  I hope it keeps ok on the shelf.   It tastes amazing and I'll make it again next year for sure.

Apple Pear Jam