16 July 2010

weaving! omfg i didn't mess it up!

shawl pattern

So hopefully the fact i've gotten about 12" in of weaving done so far on the shawl indicates that i didn't horribly tangle the warp while dressing the loom, and that all of my warp chains were wrapped correctly. I *did* lose the two outer threads, but that's ok.. i must've not tied them properly onto the back apron. However, since they were luckily the two most outer threads in the warp.. it didn't really matter that i dropped them, and now the shawl will be two threads thinner...i don't think anyone would ever notice. ;) I like the pattern, i decided to use a slub yarn for the weft. However, in hindsight, i should've prepared two floating selvedges to pick up on each pick. Next time,... next time.

shawl on loom

warp at the back

12 July 2010

dressing the loom


The shawl i'm making is 480 ends, at 16 ends per inch. That's ALOT of ends, and they all have to get threaded individually through their own heddle which is what controls whether they go up or down during weaving. It took me all day sunday to thread them. Now I have to sley them through the reed... which just means i have to thread them through that now too. AHHHHHH. Hopefully the shawl will weave smoothly, i'm sneakingly afraid i did something wrong at some point, and that the warp will get all tangled as it unwinds off the back beam....

back beam

45inch leclerc loom

5 July 2010

Hot July Day. Weaving and jam.

warping a shawl

So a while back when I bought my 45" leclerc counterbalance loom from an old lady in the niagara guild i'm still a member of, i asked my dad if he could make me a big warping board, since I don't really have room for a warping mill which are always available at guilds for use anyway. He made an awesome warping board capable of holding up to 10 yards around of warp. He even put hooks on it so i can hang it while warping, however, since i'm in a rental house right now, i dont want to put any holes in the walls, so i just propped it up against a wall, and sat on a low stool and warped away. I'm making a shall for my grandma which is about 480 ends. So I did three warp chains. I'm using 2/8 bamboo laceweight thread/yarn, and I think i might use a rayon slub for the weft. Not sure yet. I have either the slub or a same colour bamboo, so i guess i might weave some tests at the beginning to see what looks better.

warping a shawl

Today I have the day off, and made some rhubarb strawberry jam, which amazingly yielded 14 jars. Two of them I didn't bother processing and just put right into the fridge for eating. yum! It's been so hot that it was brutal while canning, but i threw some fans on, and made it through. My cats are not liking the heat so much i think. They kind of sloth around and tend to lie under things where it's cool. I snapped this photo of my biggest kitteh lying right smack in the middle of the tall fan's airstream on her back with no shame cooling off her belly. The first time i saw her do this i though it was a fluke.. but anytime the fan's on she'll go over and plop down, roll onto her back and fall asleep under the fan.

Fatty cooling her belly

Here's another cute kitteh picture. Since my cats tend to scratch at walls sometimes, and under doors that are closed, I bought them some 'Soft Paws' nail caps. Yes, i chose pink. The first time i chose clear, but that's way too boring for my girls. :)

pink paws!