13 April 2010

Moved, new job, sold my house, new city plus quilts!

I've been too busy to really do anything lately. I got a new games job at Digital Extremes in London, moved to Stratford, sold my house and have been busy sorting out all the stuff that goes with all of that. Even just today I'm doing house selling stuff still. I got my last enbridge bill, and I'm going to have to call about it, as it's just insane considering I've never missed a bill or paid late. It seems to never end actually, the tail ends of selling a house and moving... oh well.

I love stratford so far, I REALLY miss my garden. This year, i'll just be container planting as Noodle and I are renting a house, so really don't want to deal with landlord issues if I put raised beds in. Hopefully next year I'll have a more permanent place to live that I can take all of my gardening experience and do things better knowing all the stuff I could improve on now. :) This year I can focus on preserving more things, and doing alot of quilting, spinning, dyeing and soap making. Instead of just pickling and jamming, i'd like to make more chutneys and marmalades. I'd love to start pickling weird things too, like fruit and rhubarb. *sigh*.. I really miss my garden.

I got a brand new husqvarna viking Emerald sewing machine and it's so awesome. I can't even describe how wonderful having a brand new machine is. Plus one where you don't have to dismantle the whole thing to put on a button hole template or new cam is just so nice. It sews soooo smoothly and has snap on feet and a threader!!! I've made a few pouches and things on it to get a feel for the way it sews, and now I've embarked on a queen sized Denyse Schmidt quilt pattern that I bought fabric for TWO YEARS ago. Finally I've cut all of the fabric. I have to admit, although i love sewing, and love finishing up a quilt, I can't say I love the cutting. It's quite tedious, especially with denyse's method which usually involves tracing templates. Rotary cutting strips to certain dimensions is a bit less annoying than blowing up a pattern, gluing the pieces on bristol board, cutting those out, and tracing the pieces onto fabric. Each block had 13 pieces that EACH had to be cut 14 times. :( Needles too say it took me a while, but I"M DONE!!!! Now i get to sew them together log cabin styles. I can't wait! I think this quilt I'll get it long arm quilted since it's so large. The lap quilt I hand quilted myself took months... this'd take a whole year i think if I attempted to hand quilt. I'll stitch the binding on though and piece the back together as well.

I'm hoping that this summer I can get in contact with the Alpaca farm right outside town to volunteer maybe on weekends. I think it could be a really educational and awesome experience. I also signed up for some more workshops at Everdale, including the Biodiesel one that got cancelled last year. I'm excited to go back, and really wish I was in a position to take part in their 2010 Organic Farm Certification Internship. Maybe next year...