18 February 2010

baby blanket

I wanted to sew a cute little blanket for Pawlie's sister's new baby Violet. I chose a couple of cute fabrics, and decided to do a reversible blanket with a quilted bound edge and a nice little corner pocket. I chose a chenille shag, and a cute apple print flannel. I really like the way it turned out.

Next up, queen sized Denyse Schmidt quilt. I lover her ice pops pattern, and after having made a lap sized scrap quilt, I'm excited to move on to a quilt that will actually cover a bed! And I LOVE denyse schmidts designs so much, so it'll be a fun project.

Leeks midwinter

I made a soup that called for some leeks a while back and I was so excited to finally be able to pull some leeks up from under a huge mound of snow! It's so gratifying to go out in the winter, and still be able to enjoy the harvest you were enjoying in the summer! Looking at the leeks, they looked sad and wilty, but once you pull them up from the ground, brush the snow off and strip off the outer leaves, there is a nice juicy leek that has been perfectly preserved under the ground.