30 December 2010

Holiday awesomeness and my new Drum Carder!


Nothing is was better than waking up with Paul christmas morning and finally sorta having everything going our way.  He's sold his house finally, and after 2+ years of being together, we kinda technically now live under the same roof! It's the best. I've never been happier, and have never felt as much joy and fun as I do now.  What a difference the right person can make in your life!

Drum Carded Batt

Christmas time is always super busy, but today, I dedicated my entire day to drum carding about 8 different fibre batts weighing in at about 3.5 oz each. Paul got me an AMAZING drum carder that I totally LOVE!!! I carded so much my right shoulder hurts!  I don't want to stop, but I do want to get spinning some of these amazing batts!  They're like store quality blends!  It's amazing what a drum carder can do, and how professionally amazing the batts come out if you just take your time and card slowly.  (Above is a fun batt I carded made up of a bunch of mill ends of cellulose fibres I bought with some coloured nylon sparkle added in.)  I started off with some plainer look batts, and then started adding different colours of nylon sparkle and tufts of colour here and there.  The batts at that point started to take on some life!  I absolutely love the carder Paul got me, and the versatility it gives me now to use fibre I've dyed previously or to card up leftover or unwanted fibre into a nice lovely batt.  I'm also picking up my new Majacraft Aura spinning wheel tomorrow.  I'm not ever going to stop using my trusty Ashford Traveller, but I've wanted a Majacraft forever now and this new modified double drive it boasts looks amazing to work with.  This weekend will be busy with fibre craft that's for sure.  :)

Carding some batts on the Louet Classic:
Louet Classic Carder

New louet drum carder

Batt going into 2nd pass

One of the christmas presents I made for my mom was a plain woven scarf out of some of my hand dyed and handspun yarn.  The warp is pure bamboo and the handspun is some ethical wool blended with bamboo and handdyed with ashford dyes.  I wove this on my little Rigid Heddle and I can't express how much I love this little loom for it's convenience and ease to set up. 
Plain Weave Scarf

Lots of other stuff is going on this holiday week.  I saw some friendipoos we used to work with back at SK, and that was really fun to see them again.  Tomorrow, we're going with my parents to the curling rink for some fun curling action with my sister and Mimi.  And as I mentioned, I'm picking up the new wheel I ordered so the days following that will be spend spinning all the batts I made up today and yesterday!!

15 December 2010

Christmas Party!

My company Christmas Party was last friday, and for a company xmas party, it was pretty fun. They paid for us to stay over at a pretty neat little boutique hotel in London since we live in Stratford. It's another snow day today, and I can't make it into work, however, I came prepared last night and brought some work home with me as a just in case.

6 December 2010

Endpaper mitts, AGAIN.

Endpaper Fair Isle mitts Round 4

Yet another pair of these.   They make such great gift mitts.  This time I decided to make a super short glove sized version that ends at the wrist instead of going up the arm.  With the long ones, I'm always folding them over anyway, so these work great, too bad I'm giving them away!  I highly recommend the Endpaper Mitts pattern by Eunny Jang to anyone who likes knitting, my advice is to go magic loop with these as dpn's leave an ugly ladder.  And also, the tubular cast on and off the pattern recommends is highly worth doing.  I LOVE this cast on and off.  So pretty. :)

Endpaper Fair Isle mitts Round 4