4 December 2009

Spinning Adventures.

I've been trying to work on improving different techniques for spinning, instead of just spinning laceweight the same way I always have ended up doing if I don't consciously think about it. Enter the fun crazy world of art yarn. The amount of technique involved in spinning all sorts of different art yans is pretty amazing. The craziness of the fun yarns really hide the amount of skill and thought put into them. In spinning a few, I've already improved my drafting and understanding of drafting, how different fibres react to different techniques, I've learned alot of new plying techniques and hand positions while spinning, and most of all just experimented. The people posting in the novelty yarn, fibre friday and intertwined groups on ravelry are showing so many inspiring photos of themed yarns they made. i can't wait to explore even more.

So far I've spun up some skeins of loose coils thread plied, a skein of nub/cocoon yarn plied with a laceweight single and now I'm in the middle of corespinning (video curtosy of flickr search) a bamboo blend I bought from Laurie at the Black Lamb. I love corespinning, and may never go back! I'd like to try wrapping too. It looks like this. You just let the tread wrap itself around the fibre as you spin..and it does what it pleases. :)

Here's my corespun blend in progress. This seems like such a great technique for a beautifully varied carded/blended batt. It'll show off the blend nicely as the fibre wraps around a core thread that doesn't show in the end.

Below is the finished skein of nub/cocoon yarn. It is fibre I dyed at a couple of different dye workshops. The nubs are not the greatest, but for my first time i think it ended up being a fun skein. It's balanced at least so should be good for knitting a funky neck cowl or something.

Here are some closeups of some of the nubs/cocoons:

this one is a bit mishapen, but it's cute!

I can't wait to spin more! My ashford jumbo plying bobbin is working pretty well for the bulky yarn. :) Thanks to my dad for putting a finish on it!