27 October 2009


A month or so back, my mom accompanied me to The Black Lamb in Port Hope Ontario, in order for me to pick up the Ashford Rigid Heddle Knitter's Loom that I had ordered. I love the black lamb so much, and Laurie is so nice. She gave me a quick lesson on warping the loom and some basic weaving lessons and I was on my way to these two scarves:

I also got in contact with an amazing weaver from the Niagara Handweavers and Spinners Guild about some weaving lessons on bigger multiple shaft floor looms. I've been to two lessons so far, and we just got our warp set up and are ready to start learning how to read drafts and weave some simple 4 shaft patterns. I'm so excited about weaving, it really completes the fabric circle for me. Now I can spin my own yarn and either knit, crochet, felt or weave it! The floor looms are surprisingly not so complex once you break down the process of warping to the warping tool vs placing the warp on the loom. And really, all you need to know is how to tie up the shafts and when to treadle. I'm looking into getting a floor loom and am contemplating the counterbalance vs the jack loom. I think for a beginner, either one would be ok, since i'll probably just be working on 4 shafts for a while, and I probably wouldn't know what I was missing in the one i didn't choose. There's a lady selling hers for very cheap from the guild, and it's very tempting. :)

20 October 2009

<3 <3

Someone from the strawbale workshop emailed me this picture. I like it. Love you noodle.

"We'll remain after everything's been washed away by the rain
We will stand upright as we stand today" (jose gonzalez)