10 August 2009

eating and preserving!

I've been so crazy busy lately with all of the workshops I've been doing at Everdale, work, running, etc... but I still have lots of time for making good food, gardening, pickling and crafting.

A couple of weeks ago I made some really good strawberry rhubarb jam, and last week I pickled my first batch of pickles for the season. I chose to do a batch of bread and butter pickles first. I used my yellow cucumbers as that cucumber plant seems to be much more prolific than the other one which bears the traditional green coloured cukes. I really love the taste of homemade bread and butter pickles, much better than store bought. Next up of course is dill pickles. I'll be sure to make two batches of those, and then hopefully if my plants are still fruiting maybe some relish. This season has been so mild and somewhat chillier than usual, so the cukes have been late, and they are a tad stunted. They're also a bit waterlogged and are getting some mildew from the constant moisture in the air. However, I'm sure I'll be able to pickle enough jars for my consumption until next season. :)

Pawl bought the new Vegan Brunch cookbook from the amazing vegan chef Isa. I absolutely love all of her cookbooks. So far we've made a whole bunch of recipes. There are so many waffles I would like to make, but first I guess i'll have to buy a waffle iron.

Tofu Eggs Benedict:

Vegan Cinnamon Buns:

We also made some really good vegan sushi filled with marinated tempeh and tofu, avocado, garden lettuce, carrots, and green onions which we ate with a great peanut sauce dip. I don't think sushi know it alls would approve... but it was awesome!!