14 July 2009

I <3 sewing!

I haven't been sewing much because of all the business of day to day life and the garden, and work, and running and yoga and all the rest of it. But, I had an occasion to sew a couple zippered pouches a while back, and re-learnt that i love it! I decided to make myself a cute pleated bag, lined with properly interfaced zippered pockets and a key clip at the top so I wouldn't lose my keys at the bottom of the purse. I also put in some slip pockets for cell phones and cameras and such. It worked out pretty well. Of course I made it out of a tweed exterior with a fun print lining... as per my usual styling. :) I'm running out of tweed though! uh oh. I'll have to keep an eye out at fabric land for more sales.. that stuff is expensive!

*inner zippered pocket lined with lemon fabric (doubly interfaced for stability), and a key clip attached with a D-ring for anything you don't want to lose at the bottom of your bag:

*Zippered pocket closed up. Magnetic closure double interfaced for stability as well.

*slip pockets on both sides of lining. Lined with lemon fabric. Good size for cell phones and cameras.

*cute pleats!

*D-ring attached to the outside for items to be clipped on.

I think I'll sew some more as gifts. Maybe some matching larger tote bags too. :)