31 May 2009

meaty Meetbals, 'bacon' bitts, fancy beers, fun.

Pawl found a couple of amazing vegan blogs which have been a total inspiration for some amazing meals over the last couple of days. Previously, we'd made an awesome faux cesar salad dressing from The Garden of Vegan, and for round two of this fresh from the garden salad we decided to make some of the faux baco-bitts from Just the Food. The recipe was super easy. Basically, just rehydrate the tvp in the microwave with the appropriate amount of water and a couple tablespoons of liquid smoke and a tiny bit of red food colouring if you so desired. Then pan fry them on a lower heat setting for about 20 min until they are dried out. They turned out GREAT! We added them to a faux cesar to which they gave a nice smokey hint. :)

Now there's a bunch more recipes I'd like to tackle from Just the Food, but first off were the Tvp Meetballs.

Again, super easy recipe. Basically some reconstituted tvp, vital wheat gluten flour, onion, and oregano. Roll up in balls, and pan fry until brown. Then we took the cheezy sauce from her philly 'cheesesteak' sandwhiches and had the meetballs with the sauce on top. I'd have to say, I did NOT miss the cheese in that sauce one bit. It was basically some soy milk, nutritional yeast, cashews, soy sauce, tahini and cornstarch blended up and warmed up on low until it is the desired thickness. Soooo easy and sooo good. The combination of the meetballs and the cheese sauce was amazing.

I think next up on that site is the 'blt' avocado burgers, and i'd like to make the espresso 'chocolate' cakes. yum! I'm so happy to have someone that is willing to make all of this stuff with me and accommodate my dietary restrictions when he has no such restrictions. :) It's so nice to be motivated to go to the extra effort. *loves*

28 May 2009

coffe cup cozy and hat

I knitted these a while back for Em and am now just getting around to posting about them. The hat was a free pattern online and I liked the squares so much i decided to make a mug cozy to match. No pattern for the cozy, i just kinda made it up. I'm not sure if a mug cozy even helps at all, but it looks cute!

27 May 2009

Squirrely Mitts DONE!

Finally I'm done with these fun fair isle mitts. They were actually really fun to make, and, with a couple of modifications, ended up really well. They are big and squishy and comfy. They have a lined cuff for extra warmth and some latvian braids around the wrist which I learned just for this project. The braids were easy.. purl with your yarns in front, and wrap one under the other as you purl. Then on the next row.. wrap your working purl yarn over the other colour. The result is a cool looking chevron pattern that kind of sticks out a bit so it adds to the silhouette nicely. I can imagine the braids would look cool around wristlets, hats, or the bottom edge of a tea cosy or skirt or something. Anyway, I'm happy they're done.

latvian braid close up:

Just a while ago I knit up a pair of boxer baby mitts as well. They were super quick and easy.

26 May 2009

urban chicken coop... do want!

I deplore any kind of factory farming, and all of the very reasons why I'm vegetarian and eat only organic are exemplified in the horrible practices seen in large corporate farms. Buying organic eggs is really important to me as practices such as debeaking and overcrowding are so, SO bad morally. The suffering of factory farmed animals is massive. Not to mention all the antibiotics, dyes and steroids that end up in the egg. Anyway, my friend sent me a link to this urban chicken coop. I know that they're easy to build, but in the city where you're subject to neighbors complaining about how your backyard looks and every other little thing, this is a nice little modern looking chicken palace!! Keeping chickens would be so great. You could make sure yourself that they were living a happy life, without suffering and pain. You would know exactly where your eggs came from, certain there are no chemicals, additives, dyes or medication. Also, you get the benefit of caring for the animals that are giving you nourishment!

I found a great sustainable living education centre in Guelph that offers alot of interesting workshops. I've signed up for a bunch already that relate to raising farm animals humanely. Introducion to keeping and managing a small herd of goats, and a similar one for sheep. I'm so excited! I would absolutely love to have a small herd of goats and sheep to make cheese, milk, soaps and spin the sheep fibre! Also at this centre I've signed up for a couple of sustainable building workshops. One on building with strawbale, and another on finishing with plastering for strawbale. This summer will be a good one! :)

25 May 2009

I <3 Lettuce

I love planting many different kinds of lettuce. I like being able to go around to a bunch of different types, picking leaves here and there and then making a salad that looks pretty and has interesting flavour variety. Having a whole bunch of successively planted lettuce is great too because each plant lasts way longer if you're only picking a couple leaves every couple of days. I've been starting about 4 lettuce plants every 2 weeks since march, and now instead of starting indoors, every two weeks i plant a couple more somewhere outside in beds that have room still. In midsummer, when the older plants start to bolt, I usually just rip up and eat that row, and plant a new one! I'm a giant sucker for lettuce seed too, but at least I use it! :)


Some interesting flowers. I've always been really amazed and inquisitive about how each flower produces seed so differently from another. Sometimes I stop and notice how visually stunning some can be.

Radishes and Lettuce

I just had my first couple garden salads for the season and they were awesome! I picked a row of radishes yesterday. They are called Easter Egg Radishes and they are a new type for me. They're pretty mild relative to my usual taste for spicy radishes, and they're so cute! Each one is a slight different colour from the next, anywhere from white, to red, to purple, to pink. I like their shape too, cute little round bite sized radishes.

The lettuce I harvested was a type I started about a month and a half ago called Black Seeded Simpson lettuce. It's a loose leaf variety with amazingly light green, curly leaves. I love the loose leaf types as you can just keep picking at it usually pretty far into the summer before it goes to seed.

22 May 2009

New new new.

I love everything lately. LOVE. I love being supported by someone and having people around me that are actually motivated in life. Someone who really takes the time to understand how i am as a person instead of pushing expectations on me. It's been a rough winter and there is a giant light at the end of the monotonous tunnel that has been my life the last bunch of years. It brings tears to me when i think about how much i'm enjoying everything now. The garden is brighter and greener, the cats are cuter, i don't feel ugly or less than an 'ideal'. I feel so much... and that alone is worth everything ever.

This weekend's activities include twig and tree heirloom farm, and garden stuff. Yoga and some sewing. Good food tonight as we journey up to Affinity Vegetarian restaurant in hamilton, and hopefully some tempeh bacon from my vegan with a vengence cookbook at some point too.


6 May 2009



I have created a new place where I can document my gardening, knitting, spinning, sewing, quilting, cooking and cat musings. I will work on getting my old content here. For now, there's my flickr album to look at. Go look at my cats, the are cute, seriously.. go look.