26 November 2009

Spin Spin Ply Ply

I finished and fulled the 2ply blend that I handyed at Pat Leclair's workshop at last years fibre convention in Barrie. It looks pretty neat and turned out much more evenly balanced than I anticipated whilst spinning. The one thing I would like to improve on, and this is just personal taste, is to have tighter plys. However, to do this, I need to make an effort to overtwist my singles more than I do. Fairly easy, but takes a consorted effort to overcome muscle memory. It ended up being 83 yards, which is really long considering it was only a sample bag from Pat for the workshop. It's definitely laceweight, so will knit up nicely.

I've wanted to start making thead plied yarn for the longest time now... and I just spun up over 500 yards of plain ol' singles on my wheel that I debating what to do with. So.... I bought some neato variegated polyester thread, and just... went to it. I ended up pushing up the previously spun single at various intervals while plying to form some *really* loose coils that ended up having a nice effect when done. Overall, I'd say it was a nice success, however, again, I need to put WAY more twist into my singles if I want a tighter thread plied yarn that it still fairly balanced. Also, I'll have to switch to my plying jumbo flyer unit for my wheel, which is all nicely stained now thanks to my dad, when I do the next batch, because even though the final product is really not much more than your single... it is way fluffier and fills up the bobbin in no time. Next up after I spin all of these singles I have lying around, are definitely cocoons and crescents, and of course a go at corespinning. I'm so excited to be spinning lately. :)

loose coil:

thread plied single with loose waves and coils:

Skein of thread plied yarn drying after fulling:

25 November 2009


I love this blender. It doesn't go very fast, and to get it to go a certain speed you have to push the speed dial forward and back a couple times until it sets into the desired speed. It's kind of stained and cracked in places. The plug is only two pronged and a little bent. But i love it. :) I don't even think I would use a new one even if I had one.

16 November 2009

so busy!

So on saturday I went to my first guild meeting. It was awesome. I love being around other fibre-y peeps... regardless of the sea of grey hair and glasses on neckchains. I don't care that i was the youngest person there by 20 years... it was FUN. The meeting was followed by a 30 minute origami workshop by one of the guild members. I've never done origami before so that was pretty interesting. I stayed afterward and looked at the guild library for 2 hours... TWO HOURS of browsing past issues of handwoven, spinoff, weaving, spinning and dying books. I took out a couple issues of handwoven from like 1960 and a weaving draft book which was also pretty vintage looking. But herringbone twill never changes... so i guess that makes sense.

I finished another Endpaper mitt. This one is the first of a pair.. I'm not usually a purple person, but I like how they ended up. I can't express enough how much I LOVE the tubular cast on and cast off. They make such nice edges and are good and stretchy.

tubular cast off:

tubular cast on:

I love latvian braids too. So easy, and they make a great addition to a cuff or rim of a hat:

I then spun wool all night long after raking some leaves. I'm ready to ply to bobbins of superwash bfl together. I think then I'll knit a scarf with it, and immerse-dye the final product so I can get a gradation of dark to light.

I spent sunday grocery shopping, baking, more baking, and spinning some samples of the fibre i had dyed at Pat Leclair's workshop I did last may in alliston. I don't have enough of any of the samples to spin on my wheel.. they wouldn't fill even a quarter of a bobbin, so I'll spin all of those up as singles on my cascade spindle to use later in novelty yarns or some other project.
One day i would love a golding spindle.

It was a good weekend though, and I spent most of it myself except for sunday night which involved the new super mario for the wii... which.. was *&#%-ing amazing. Plays just like super mario 3 old skool. So awesome. I always thought the wii was shitty, but this game makes it worth it's while.

3 November 2009

More weaving, new loom! Vegan Food!

I've finally joined the Niagara Handweavers and Spinners Guild which meets at the Welland Museum, and through that group, I'm enrolled in some more in depth weaving lessons with a lady from the guild. She mentioned that a woman also from the guild was getting rid of her weaving stuff and hand a big 45" Counterbalance floor loom for sale. Well... I couldn't pass up the good deal, and went for it. I had Pawlie's dad come help get it since they have a van, but it wouldn't even fit in there, so we had to take it apart and put it back together in the house, which actually worked alot easier anyway. Here it is all re-assembled in my craft room. I love it! I've conscripted my dad to build me a warping board and i just need to get a couple shuttles, and i'll be on my way weaving!!

Below is the second scarf I made on my little rigid heddle loom which is just perfect for plain weave scarves. I think I'll continue to use it as my scarf loom because of it's ease to warp and portability.

I wanted to do twisted fringe ends, and so looked up a tutorial of how to do it by hand. You can buy little appartus' in which you turn a crank and it'll twist it up for you, but, i decided to just do it myself. It took forever. Probably just as long as weaving the scarf itself. But they look nice and I'm glad.

On the food note, we made some vegan pasta out of Pawl's new cookbook. The egg in the pasta is replaced with some silken tofu and some other things vegan. It ended up cooking nicely and tasted amazing! We filled the ravioli with a cashew 'ricotta' which was also really amazing. I do love cashews!