10 September 2009

Vegan Sausage and Pickles

Just as the title suggests... Pawl and I made some vegan Chorizo sausage from the Vegan Brunch cookbook and I also made about 8 jars of dill pickles. I hate the combination of quart jars and my smaller water bath canner. You can only do 3 jars at a time. I think next season I'll invest in a nice big pressure canner which'll also have the added benefits of being able to can tomatos and other such veggies.

The sausage (can you believe it's not meat?):

The pickles:

This recipe was nice as it had no added sugar. I might add a little bit of tumeric to the next batch of dills I pickle for a little colour. The garlic and dill heads are both also from my garden. I love making pickles! yum!

Georgian Bay!

I've only been there once before I think, maybe a couple of times, and I was too young to really remember any of the visits. So, when we decided to go kyacking up there I was excited! We did a little trip on the advice of my parents whose kyacks were graciously lent to us along with all the camping gear, starting out of Byng Inlet just north of Nobel and Parry Sound.

I can't believe how pretty georgian bay is, and I can't wait to do more trips up there, longer ones maybe in Killarny or some of the other areas. We had about an hour and a half paddle out to the bay.. and the perfect weather. Not too hot, not too windy. Once we got out on the bay, we paddled a bit to a sizable island on which we set up tent and camp, made some pad thai, and played some crib. The plan was to get to Foster Island the next day and back, leaving our tent on the site so we wouldn't have to pack it up again.

Pretty Channel:

Kyacking through a channel to Foster Island:

Group of Seven
trees everywhere!:

Must have maps for navigating through the MANY islands along this part of the bay:

We didn't want to paddle on the exposed side of all the little islands as there are some fairly big waves and swells and winds to deal with, so pawlie navigated the way to a smaller channel that worked in behind the many islands to foster. It's amazing how many islands there are just scattered in that area. Some have cottages, 98% don't. The channel was really pretty and we stopped for lunch just past it a bit. We explored on our way back and made it perfectly back for dinner that night. The next day we lazed around a bit... and paddled back a couple of hours to the car.

Amazing trip! Someone even went for a swim in the cold water!