18 August 2008

global mala

I partook in a an amazing fundraiser/yoga event last saturday that was part of the Global Mala project. The focus is on raising money and awareness for local groups by doing 108 sun salutations, the charity for our event being the local Humane Society which is a total bonus considering I donate to them anyway. I had no idea if I could do all 108 but the great thing about yoga is that you can always do a slightly less vigorous version of the poses involved in the salutation if you're getting tired. To specify, it was Sun Salutation A which was fortunate as there are less poses in that sequence than B. I made it through, which I was very happy about, although 5 days later, my legs are still a little sore. There were quite a few people from the yoga studio I go to there which was awesome, and I think in total about 25-30 people showed up.

There was a band there who was amazing amazing amazing. I got to see a sitar up close which also was quite the experience. I felt the music really helped guide us through the toughness of doing 108 salutations. Afterward, there was a vegan potluck and i brought a vegan chickpea chana masala. Everybody brought such amazing food, and overall i just had such a great time. Unfortunately I ended up on the front page of the Niagara Weekly in a not so nice picture, but oh well it was worth going! Outdoor yoga is amazing!

9 August 2008


I absolutely love radishes. The hotter the better! The crisper the better! The fresher the better!

This year I'm growing a bunch of different kinds, white icicle, french breakfast and plum purple. I've been REALLY really good at succession planting. Every 2 weeks I plant some more radishes, usually along side carrots and lettuce. This has resulted in a continual supply! I'm proud of my succession planting this year as it was one of my goals to focus on this season. Since I'm harvesting so many, I need to have a good way to keep them crisp.

I learned this trick(pictured above) from my mom who uses it for lettuce. I fill a bowl full of water in the sink, then swish each radish around until it's clean. The leaves are left on the radish. Spread out line of paper towels still attached to eachother and place the radishes side by side. Then, roll up the radishes, place in a plastic bag left open at the top, then put the whole thing in the crisper. They'll stay fresh like this for over a week. I use the same technique for lettuce, green onions, herbs and some other things. :) Then, because the water was only used for rinsing, I take it outside and either put it in the rain barrel, or use it to water a plant!

One odd thing though...we had a weird cold week a while back, and I think the radishes got tricked into bolting to seed. Since they're a biennial plant grown as an annual, I've never had one seed as we usually pick and eat it in the first season. I was curious as to how it would seed as saving seed is one of our priorities around here, so i let it keep going. The flowers were so cute! 4 petaled little flowers with veining on the petals that is reminiscent of dragonfly wings. Anyway, I pulled it out without saving the seed as you don't want the seed from a plant that bolted prematurely anyway. Cool experience though! :) Happy accidents always turn into some form of garden learning.

radish flower:

just washed: