6 August 2007

random midsummer harvest


2 August 2007

Powdery mildewy Zucchini!

So the month of june pretty much saw no rain. Then in july, it rained a fair bit, not a whole lot, but some weeks it'd be a little rain everday. So my powdery mildew spray routine was, at times, halted for a week here, a couple days there. Or the spray I did in the morning would be negated by the rain in the afternoon. This all resulted in the powdery mildew making quite the comeback. The zucchini is still strong, still producing, butI've had to prune off over half of the leaves, and the remainder still have some mildew on them. I've made a new batch of the organic powdery mildew spray from Gayla's book to keep combating the mildew. It was working pretty well back in june, early july, so i think if there are some good days where I can spray everyday I can keep the plant alive for much longer. Luckily it doesn't seem to be affecting the productivity of the plant, or the fruit. To be continued!