25 October 2007

Garlic Growing.. the next generation

I waited to plant the garlic this fall as it has been unseasonably warm. Considering it didn't snow last year until january, I thought it might be good to plant it a little later than last season. I've read that in planting garlic in the fall, the ideal situation, is to let the garlic sprout and grow to JUST below the surface of the soil by the time the frost and cold comes to slow the growth. Then in the spring, the sprout picks back up, starts to grow, and because it is so close to the surface, pokes out right when it should. Last spring when I pulled the mulch off the sprouts were already 4-5 inches long. I either planted it to early, or waited too long to pull the mulch back. So, in short, I'm planting later this year because of the warming winter season this area continues to experience.

Last year I grew two varieties of garlic, one hardneck and one softneck. It was surprising how much bigger the hardneck cloves were. They also had such a beautiful purple veining through them. Since I had about 8 cloves of garlic from our harvest last year left that I didn't eat, I decided to order two more varieties, a red russian hardneck and an italien hardneck. So now I'll have two plots of garlic to look forward to next spring!

19 October 2007


At the tanning bed:

15 October 2007

Long fingerless Mitties!

Because of the boost of confidence i got after i finished the first set of fingerless gloves, I decided to start another pair. The pattern is from knitty, and actually designed and created by the same woman who designed the first set I made. They're a bit longer, and for the cables you hold 4 stitches to the back or front instead of 2. The cables were alot tougher to do, especially the hold to the front cables. But i managed, and despite the few boo boos I made, they turned out pretty well. Now I just have a few more things to make and all of our gifts will be done!