25 July 2007

Red Tomato!

The tomato plant is JUUUST starting to give up some red tomatos. yum! I've been waiting for SO long to make a tomato red lentil dahl, and in a couple days i'll have enough homegrown tomatos to do just that. I thought, at the beginning of the season, that the tomatos had contracted tobacco mosaic virus. However now, they are 100% healthy and HUGE. These tomatos are supposed to be cherry tomato sized. Some of them are as big as the vine tomatos you would purchase at the supermarket. Go organic tomatos! I'm growing two kinds, both purchased from the cottage gardener seed supply company from ontario. The first is called pink ping pong, the second is Bloody Butcher. The latter are the huge ones.

As for the tobacco mosaic virus, perhaps the side dressing of compost, and careful handling let it subside. Still battling the powdery mildew on the zucchini plant though. The baking soda/insecticidal soap spray seems to keep it at bay, but not completely get rid of it. It has been quite rainy though, and therefore quite humid. But I'll keep truckin' with the spray.

15 July 2007

Potatos, Tomatos, Onions!

The tomatoes seem to finally be turning red. Yesterday I harvested all the potatoes, and then learned that I should have waited longer. From what I read I should have waited until two weeks after they bloom. THey didn't have flowers yet, but they're barely alive after some severe aphid damage. I got some decent sized potatoes still, and they were fine to eat. Some had scab, which I also read about but need to do more reading on. I forgot to take a picture of the Warba potatoes before I mashed them into some feta and onion potato cakes with some of the dried dill from last year, but I did get a picture of the Red Pontiac that I intend to eat today(above)
potato buckets:

I also harvested all of what I refer to as Happy Dude Onions. I got them from a really nice guy in Oakville at a Seedy Saturday, but I couldn't remember what type they were or anything else that he told me for that matter. They were all quite small but that's fine with me. My red onions are still growing and they look awesome. I put the happy dude onions on the squash frame from last year, so they could dry in the sun for a few hours before bringing them in to hang. Now they're hanging in the basement, hopefully I will be able to use them all.

It rained a bunch last night, and the rain barrel is now about 1/4 full.

Since it rained enough last night I didn't have to water this morning, but when I went out to check the soil I did find a bunch of raspberries were ripe. This was exciting since they've only ripened one at a time so far.

14 July 2007


rainbow bug on soapwort, cucumber beetles on zucchini.

12 July 2007

Patio herb area in bloom.

This is a partial part of my herb garden. I LOBE all the variety. In the forefront alone visible there is rhubarb, echinacea, feverfew, chamomile, thyme, mint, cilantro, borage, sorrel and a few others back behind the bed in containers liek morning glories, lemongrass, oregano and rosemary. To the right are a bunch more things like your standard basil, dill, strawberries, more thyme, more borage, onions, green onions, scallions, wild ginger, more varieties of mint, bergamot, lemon mint, comfry raspberries and garlic. I love herbs and I love my herb garden.